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PYSC By Laws

Phillipsburg Youth Soccer Club Bylaws - 2013-09-25

Ammended 2018-6-7

Article 1. Mission

The Phillipsburg Youth Soccer Club (PYSC) or the “Club” shall function to enhance, develop, educate, and promote soccer throughout the community of Phillipsburg; to provide quality instruction; and to instill the values of good sportsmanship, community, competitive spirit, fair play, and mutual respect.

Article 2. Activities

The PYSC will:

1.       promote the sport of soccer in the greater Phillipsburg community.

2.       sponsor soccer teams at all age and ability levels where sufficient numbers of players exist

3. encourage all players to compete at the highest level they are qualified for

4. organize local tournaments.

5. support fund raising activities which will reduce the cost of player participation.

6. support recreational and travel soccer where a need exists.

7. affiliate with those leagues which will provide the most appropriate competition for PYSC affiliate teams.

8. maintain a non-profit status.

9. organize related activities and events, including training sessions, which all teams, players, and parents may benefit from.

Article 3. Membership

PYSC does not have members it shall consist of registered players, registered volunteers including coaches, referees, trainers, managers and administrators. All registered players, referees, coaches, trainers, and parents are regular members who may speak, when appropriate, at Club meetings and may take part, as appropriate, in all Club sponsored activities.

Article 4. Amendments

These bylaws may be amended by 3/4 vote of the voting board members provided the proposed amendment has been:

1. submitted in writing to the Secretary and circulated to the voting members at least 14 days prior to it’s discussion at a regular meeting of the Club;

2. presented for discussion during a regularly scheduled board meeting at which a quorum is present and can be officially included in the minutes of same meeting;

3. presented for a formal vote at a regularly scheduled board meeting. Voting shall be conducted by a simple show of hands with each board member having one vote.

Article 5. Quorum

Two thirds of those members eligible to vote shall constitute a quorum. Meetings shall not be conducted without a quorum present. Once a meeting begins, business may be conducted, to the extent of the known agenda, if a member(s) leaves and a quorum ceases.

Article 6. Board of Directors

1. The Club will hold business meetings at least once a month on a designated day, at a suitable location at a time or date which will be advertised to the voting members at least 24 hrs in advance.  The January meeting will be considered the annual general meeting. The Board of Directors will consist of at a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 9.

2. Every odd numbered year, before November 15th, the Club shall elect a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, who shall serve for a two-year period beginning January first of that year. Any office, which becomes vacant for any reason shall be filled by special election and for the remainder of the unexpired term. Such election shall be held within 30 days of the vacancy or at the next regular meeting practical.


Article 6.1 President

The President shall be elected to serve for a two-year term and shall be responsible for:

1. with Secretary, planning monthly meeting agenda.

2. presiding over all meetings,

3. upholding the Club bylaws.

4. carrying out the wishes of the voting membership.

5. mediating disputes between members.

6. acting as spokesperson for PYSC to the community.

7. attending all functions as required of this office.

8. authorizing emergency expenditures of less than $100, $500 aggregate per month.

9. signing official documents and checks as they relate to this office and as approved by the voting members,

10. with other officers, develop and recommend annual budget at least 2 weeks before the registration date for the Fall season.

11. oversight of other officers.


Article 6.2 Vice President

The Vice President shall be elected to serve a two year term and shall be responsible for:

1. all of the President’s responsibilities in his absence.

2. serving as League Contact for any league PYSC affiliates with and attending all functions required of this position.

3. coordinating seasonal registration and tryout activities for the Club.

4. upholding these bylaws,

5. signing official documents and checks as they relate to this office and as approved by the voting members,

6. with pres. recommending and enforcing all disciplinary actions taken by the voting membership,

7. with other officers, develop and recommend annual budget.

8. oversight of other officers.

Article 6.3 Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be elected to serve a two year term and shall be responsible for:

1. maintaining the financial records of the club as required by law and in a format acceptable to the membership.

2. maintaining a checking account(s) on behalf of PYSC.

3. preparing and filing a monthly report of the Club financial condition current as of the last full month.

4. preparing for officers approval and filing any annual reports required by law or by any US soccer affiliate

5. preparing all checks for endorsement by at least two officers.

6. depositing all Club revenue to PYSC accounts.

7. upholding these bylaws.

8. signing official documents and checks as they relate to this office and as approved by the voting members.

9. with other officers, develop and recommend annual budget.

10. oversight of other officers.

Article 6.4 Secretary

The Secretary shall be elected to serve a two year term and shall be responsible for:

1. with president, preparing agenda of monthly meetings.

2. preparing and maintaining accurate record of all meetings and actions of the Club.

3. preparing and distributing monthly meeting information packets to all voting members including agenda and prior months minutes.

4. preparing correspondence on behalf of the Club.

5. signing official documents and checks as they relate to this office and as approved by the voting members.

6. with other officers develop and recommend annual budget.

7. oversight of other officers.


Article 6.5 Appointed positions

The officers shall appoint members to various service positions within the club on an annual basis or as needed. Any member shall be eligible. Guidelines for service in these positions shall be provided by the Club and shall be adhered to by the volunteer.

These positions shall include, but limit to:

1. Equipment Manager- acquires uniforms and other equipment on behalf of Club.

2. Web Manager- maintains web pages and files electronic info for Club.

3. Registrar - Maintains player, team, parent, coaches historical files, including KidSafe records annually.

4. Field Director- determines game day availability, makes field maintenance recommendations.

5. Referee Coordinator- sole Club contact with League ref. assignor.

6. Concessions/ Fund raising- manages Club authorized fund raising activities.

7. Tournament Director/ Tournament Committee- organizes local tournaments.

8. Training Coordinator- arranges group training activities with qualified teachers on behalf of Club or individual team as may be requested.

9. Historian - maintains historical account of the club.


This list of appointed positions may be expanded only by the voting members.

The duties of any unfilled position must be absorbed by the officers of the Club.

Committees may be appointed to fulfill the obligations of any position.

Article 7. Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall match the calendar year.  A financial audit shall be conducted every three years.

Article 8. Coaches

Coaches shall be approved by majority vote of the full board. The Pres. and V. P. shall interview and perform background checks as necessary and shall make recommendation to the voting board.

Coaches should possess a license to coach soccer as required by the NJSYSA. Coaches shall take and pass a course in the "laws of the game" as provided by the State Referees assoc. during the first year of affiliation with the Club. Coaches are encouraged to take first aid and CPR courses as is appropriate to their responsibility.

Coaches are responsible for their own behavior as well as the behavior of their

players and fans when playing in League, State, or Club sanctioned events. Any

coach receiving discipline from the League or State, will be personally responsible for any action or fine received and may be subject to further discipline by the Club. Acts of violence (except in the defense of self or player) shall be grounds for dismissal from the Club.

The Club will not tolerate any action or activity which is intended or designed to

cause pain, embarrassment, ridicule, or to demean others under any circumstance, including on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation; or national origin.  Violations shall be grounds for dismissal from the Club.

Article 8.1 Head Coach

Each team will be assigned a head coach which shall be:

1.     18 years of age or older.

2.      sign volunteer disclosure and KidSafe forms.

3.      advertise and hold objective tryouts prior to each season.

4.      be responsible for final selection of players based on tryouts, and in conjunction with other Head Coaches at the same level.

5.      provide Club with copy of roster and other documents as may be requested.

6.      file with pres., a list of all players who tryout unsuccessfully or who are to be cut (travel team only.)

7.      act responsibly in the interest of player safety.

8.      have medical information in possession at all practices and games.

9.   notify players and parents of Club directives.

10. file accident report in event of injury.

11. comply with all State(s), League(s), or Club bylaws.

12. bring unresolved parent/player issues to attention of pres.


Article 8.2 Assistant Coach

The assistant coach(es) shall :

1. assume all responsibilities of head coach in the event head coach is absent.

2. attend games and practices to assist head coach as may be required.

3. perform such duties as may be designated by head coach.

4. sign volunteer disclosure and KidSafe forms.

5. comply with all State, League, or Club bylaws.

Article 9. Removal

A motion for a hearing as to the suitability of any officer, coach, or appointee to serve, may be called by any voting member with cause. The motion must receive a second. A majority of the members present must approve a hearing. The hearing must be held within 15 days and only voting members and officers may be present.

After a hearing and being allowed the right to address the voting membership, any person may be removed from their position by two thirds majority vote of the full voting membership.

Any member formally charged with a felony, or act of violence against a person shall be suspended from all Club activities immediately, pending resolution of charges. If convicted, said member shall be removed from the Club.

Article 10. Parents/Guardians

1. Parents are expected to support their child in all team and Club activities.

2. Parents shall be responsible for timely transportation to and from practice,games, or other Club functions.

3. Parents of players 14 years old and under shall be responsible for communications with the coach including notification of games and practices they can not attend.

4. Parents are not permitted to coach from the sidelines or in any way influence the play of any participant in any game or practice. Parents are not permitted on the field or on the players sideline during games unless directed by the referee or coach.

5.   Anger having no place in youth sport matches, parents are encouraged to enjoy the passion of the competition by encouraging players in a positive manner. Any parent, guardian, or other adult who brings disciplinary action on a coach or the Club because of their behavior may be barred from games and practices by the Club.

7.   Repeat or serious offenses may cause a players removal from the Club in order to eliminate the offending adult from Club activities.

8. Parents should bring all complaints, concerns, or protests to the head coach for resolution. If a matter cannot be resolved, then the matter should be brought by both parties to the Club President for mediation. If the matter can’t be mediated by the president, then the matter shall be brought before the voting members at the next regular meeting for final determination.

Article 13. Discipline

1. The Board has the authority to suspend any player for up to 7 days, and/or one game for violations of these bylaws or team rules. Any player who incurs multiple suspensions in any season may be removed from the Club by the voting members in accordance with these bylaws,

2. Any adult who violates team rules or these bylaws may be fined, suspended, barred, or banned from the Club at the discretion of the voting members. The associated player may be removed from the Club, by two thirds vote of the voting members, in order to eliminate the presence of the offending adult from Club activities.

Article 14. Appeals

1. Appeals of any action taken by an officer, coach, or the voting members, shall be taken up at a special hearing of the voting members. The appeal shall be in writing and delivered to the secretary of the Club for distribution to the voting members. The appellant and any person having relevant information in the matter shall be afforded the right to be heard. A majority of the voting members shall vote to sustain or reverse the action contested. This decision shall be final.

2. Appeals involving players and in midseason, shall be heard within 7 calendar days. All other appeals will be heard within two weeks. An appeal must be made within 15 days of the incident protested or it will not be heard.

Article 15. Lawsuits

No official, club, league, team, coach, referee, player, parent, or their representative may invoke the aid of the courts of any State or of the United States without first exhausting all available remedies within the appropriate soccer organizations.

Any party who seeks the aid of the courts shall be subject to the sanctions of suspension and fines, and shall be liable to the Club for all expenses incurred by the Club and it’s officers in defending each court action, including but not limited to the following:

1. court costs

2. attorney’s fees

3. reasonable compensation for time spent by Club officers in responding to and

defending against allegations in the action, including responses to discovery and court appearances.

4. travel expenses

5. expenses related to special Club meetings regarding the court action.

6. No person shall be returned to good standing until litigation is ended and all fees, fines, expenses, and costs have been paid.

Article 16. Rules of Order

The Club shall be governed entirely by these bylaws. In any matter not included in these bylaws, the voting members shall make a determination by majority vote. Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure shall govern in all cases applicable and not in conflict with these bylaws. Bylaws of affiliate associations which may be adopted by the Club are solely limited to rules of play required for membership.

Article 17. Fees

The Board of directors will approve all fees to be charged to all registered players who choose to participate in each of the corresponding programs ie. Recreational or Travel, by season. The Board may charge additional fees for participants that choose to participate in more than one program offered by PYSC. Except as provided herein, no registered player shall be permitted to participate in any program offered by the PYSC without pre-payment of the registration fee. The PYSC may waive, reduce or defer any portion of such fees where financial circumstances so dictate. Player registration fees shall be collected for the period over which each program spans.

Article 18. Rules of Play

The rules of play for the PYSC shall be the “Laws of the Game” as published by Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and the United States Soccer federation (USSF), and as modified for youth play by the local affiliates. All contests conducted by, sanctioned or approved by PYSC shall abide by the Rules of Play. Programs, Events, and Tournaments may be permitted to use special modifications to the Rules of Play to accommodate individual needs and circumstances. Any such modification must be formally adopted by the responsible committee organizing the program, event or tournament and posted on the PYSC website.

Article 19. Dissolution of the PYSC

The PYSC can only be dissolved upon the adoption of a resolution by the Board of Directors. Such a resolution must be preceded by a preamble setting forth the reasons for the dissolution. The resolution can be approved at the Annual General Meeting or at a general meeting called for the purpose of dissolution by a two-thirds affirmative majority of all Club members voting, provided that the resolution and preamble have been mailed to all Club members at least 30 days in advance of the meeting.

Upon the dissolution of the Club, the Board of Directors shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all of the liabilities of the Club, dispose of all assets of the Club. The assets shall be distributed to organizations operated exclusively for charitable, educational, or scientific purposes as shall at the time qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as from time to time amended.

The board may also transfer 100% of funds after all liabilities of the club have been paid, to create a newly formed section 501(c)(3)of said board members to continue the education of recreational sports as the like of the dissolved PYSC.

Article 20. Annual review

These bylaws will be reviewed and approved annually, at a regular annual meeting, by the voting members, prior to the deadline for Fall registration.